About Us

The Tuffentsamer Law Firm is a Peoria, Illinois, based law firm that provides first-class legal services to clients throughout central Illinois. The Tuffentsamer Law Firm strives to provide all of customers with the type of professional, competent, personal, and affordable legal representation that our clients have come to expect and deserve. At the Tuffentsamer Law Firm, our clients bests interests always come first.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the Tuffentsamer Law Firm is provide competent, thorough, and affordable legal representation, while at the same time maintaining close, personal relationships between us and our clients. The Tuffentsamer Law Firm strives to not only create but also to maintain a personal service relationship between us and each of our clients. It is the Tuffentsamer Law Firm's belief that our clients not only desire but also expect a high degree of knowledge, skill, and expertise on the part of their attorney so that the they can always obtain personal advice and counseling for a variety of legal matters. The Tuffentsamer Law firm seeks a traditional yet cutting-edge approach to providing expert legal services to our clients; while the same time delivering the highest and greatest degree of prompt, personal service.  

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide each and every client of the Tuffentsamer Law Firm with the highest quality representation possible in order to obtain the best result achievable in every case. To achieve our mission, the Tuffentsamer Law Firm is dedicated to representing it clients, reviewing our clients' cases, and effectively communicating with each of our clients. In the end, the Tuffentsamer Law Firm believes in exceeding expectations, solving problems, and treating our clients as though they matter, with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Why Choose Us?

Clients who choose the Tuffentsamer Law Firm can rest assured that they have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to handle whatever legal matters they may face. The Tuffentsamer Law Firm prides itself on providing top-notch, aggressive, and personal service to its clients in order to obtain the best results possible. Our firm also remains in excellent communication with all or our clients. We will keep you informed throughout each step of your legal process and will reply promptly to all emails and phone calls. Finally, as our client, you will always be able to rest assured that you have the best legal representation that will do everything possible to fight for your rights or for the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.