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The Tuffentsamer Law Firm is a law firm that was founded on the principle that its clients matter. As a result, the Tuffentsamer law firm values each and every one of its clients.

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  • What Type of Family Law or Divorce Lawyer Should I Hire?
    The thought of divorce is both shocking and stressful. Moreover, if you have children, then you also have the additional worries of your children's best interests. In order to protect both you and children's future, you need to make sure that you have adequate and aggressive legal representation that will ensure that you and your and your children's best interests will be protected. In today's world, not all divorce lawyers are the same as some seek only to settle the case and not fight to protect what is in your family's best interests. Other attorneys may be too inexperienced in family law and divorce matters to ensure that you obtain the right results as well. Instead, you need to find a highly experienced family law lawyer that is right for you.